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Hello, and welcome to my home in cyberspace! Choose a comfortable chair, pour a cup of tea (or other favorite beverage), and let's talk about Regency romances.

Regency romances are, in my undoubtedly biased opinion, the best romance novels. Whilst reading one, you can escape from the here and now to the elegant social whirl of early nineteenth century England. You can rub shoulders with Beau Brummell and other leaders of the ton, waltz at Almack's, drive in Hyde Park at the fashionable hour, and see and be seen at the theatre or opera.

Browse the site to find information about my books -- past, present, and future -- or about me.  You can oohhh and aahhh over the covers, read the back cover copy or an excerpt, enter my contest, or check out some of my favorite web sites.

Enjoy your visit! I hope you will stop by frequently to see what's new in my little corner of the romance world.


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